As a locum, understanding how to make the job work for you is a key part of getting the most out of this flexible and versatile way of life. A crucial element of this is knowing how to choose the right assignments so that you are getting all the benefits of being a locum, earning at the level you need and simplifying the process of working, as well as achieving any goals you might have set for a switch to locum work.

Timing is crucial

What’s your schedule and where is your availability? Particularly if you’re making the switch to locum work in order to free up some time, it’s important to first establish the hours that will work for you. Remember that the more flexible you are, the more work you’re likely to get but this should also be balanced with any lifestyle or family commitments you’re looking to make room for. Get this clear in your mind before you start accepting work and remember that shifts can sometimes run on a little longer than anticipated.

Appropriate compensation is key

Locum pay is dependent on factors such as skills and experience, where the assignment is located and what’s involved in the work. Getting the right rate of pay can also be significantly influenced by having an experienced recruiter negotiating on your behalf. Higher rates are often available to those who can be flexible too, particularly with respect to difficult hours.

Establish your aims

Professionally, there are all sorts of reasons for choosing the locum lifestyle and if you have specific goals then choose your assignments in order to make these happen. You may be looking to reacquaint yourself with certain working practices or to boost your CV with experience in specific specialties. Going in to the process of choosing your assignments with a very clear idea of what you want to get from the process will ensure that you can make the locum experience work for you.

Choose a specialist recruitment agency, such as Locum Vision

Working with a specialist locum recruitment agency with the right connections and experience can simplify your life and ensure that you have access to the assignments, pay and conditions you’re looking for. Our expert recruitment consultants work to ensure that our doctors are paid in line with the demand for their expertise. We understand the demands of a specific practice area and we have the relationships to offer the best opportunities to locums who work with us.

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