General Medicine & Locum Tenens Jobs

As the biggest specialty in the NHS, there is a broad availability when it comes to General Medicine & other locum tenens jobs – this is where the majority of locum positions are found. Whatever the aims you have set for your locum experience, whether with respect to rates of pay, location and working conditions, we can help you ensure that you get exactly what you want and are constantly in demand.

Locum Vision has access to vacancies for a wide variety of general medicine locum roles in almost every Trust in the UK. The roles that we have available are for general medicine practitioners, as well as doctors who specialise in specific areas, such as Diabetes, Elderly Medicine, Stroke Medicine, Cardiology and Neurology.

Our specialist recruitment consultants have a great deal of experience and pride themselves on having acquired a deep understanding of the various sub-specialties within general medicine. As well as insight and experience, our team also has key contacts within UK Trusts that will ensure we are able to find you the latest and best locum jobs on the market, to suit your current locum needs.

It is estimated that there are 500+ general medicine/locum medical job vacancies, at all grades at any one time within our Trusts – let Locum Vision find the right one for you.