Other Medical Jobs

Whilst Locum Vision has extensive expertise in certain specialties, that’s not where our experience ends. We also provide the same high quality service for locums looking for other medical jobs – even if your particular specialty is not listed. The contacts we have with UK Trusts allow us to represent doctors across all grades and specialties, and the versatility of our team means we can work with anyone we feel we can secure the right type of locum work for.

How does it work?

Doctors interested in any locum role are assigned a recruitment consultant to help assist with the very quick and simple registration process. After that the recruiter remains your central point of contact when offering you locum work.

When talking to you recruiter it is always helpful if you can be specific about the type of job you would like to find – for example, if you do not want to work nightshifts or in a certain part of the UK, please let your recruiter know so that we can tailor our job search to better suit your requirements.

The best possible fit

We are committed to trying to secure the positions that most closely match your requirements – if for any reason we are unable to find other medical jobs that meet exact requirements, we will look for the best possible fit and then give you a choice as to whether to accept the job or not.

To find out more about the range of other medical jobs and the pay rates available, please get in touch.