Working as a medical professional can sometimes seem like a restrictive career path with some very set options. However, there are many more opportunities than you might think to explore all aspects of medicine – and being a locum is one of them. Locums are more flexible than contracted staff and there are many benefits to opting to take on locum work, whether on a temporary or more permanent basis. Here are just a few of them.

You’ll see and experience more

The nature of being a locum means that you will work in more locations, see more modes of management and experience a much broader spread of cases. This can be incredibly useful for making future career choices, for gaining the kind of wide spectrum knowledge and experience that others won’t have and for being exposed to a variety of working styles. You can essentially make the work as varied as you want it to be, whatever best suits your current needs.

Pay rates are higher

Locums are paid significantly more in terms of hourly rate than an incumbent doctor. You will also be paid on an hourly basis so if you stay later than your hours you get paid for it.

It can be a career springboard

Locum work can be short term and varied or you can opt for a longer-term position in order to gain specific experience. Longer-term positions offer the opportunity to establish yourself within a team and demonstrate expertise and your working style as part of that team. You can make strong contacts and start to build up a network during your time as a locum, as well as working out where you might want to apply for a permanent position if that’s what you choose to do.

Locum work is flexible

You can schedule locum hours around other commitments, whether that’s research, caring commitments or spending time with family. There is such a broad spread of locum work available – temporary doctor jobs, surgery jobs, A&E jobs – that you will always be able to find a position and hours that suit you.

Renew your enthusiasm

As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest – if you’ve found your appreciation for the work you do waning slightly then taking on a period of locum jobs can help revitalise your enthusiasm once again, offer some new perspectives, the opportunity to meet new people and a chance redirect your energies into the rest of your career.

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