Opting to work as a locum gives you a wide ranging freedom when it comes to the different areas in which you can work, provides flexibility when it comes to lifestyle and can also offer opportunities to earn more per hour than you would with a permanent contract. The obstacle for many people is often working out how you find the work that you want, whether that’s a new role or your first role. To help you out we’ve put together five simple and effective tips to help you find that role for you.

Work with a specialist locum recruitment agency

This is by far the easiest way to make sure that you get the work that you want and to simplify the process of finding it and securing it. A specialist locum recruitment agency will know your market, will be able to help set you up with the certifications and checks that are necessary to start work and can provide clear information on hourly rates too.

Make sure your CV is ready

It’s really important to have a CV that represents your skills and experience, right up to the present day – or as close as possible. Update your CV regularly, make sure that it’s focused for the roles that you want and keep it concise – 2-3 pages is just about right. If you unsure on what to put in your CV check out our guide on how to create your locum tenens CV.


You need to have a strong relationship with the recruiter that you choose to work with but there are also many other relationships that you can pursue in order to open up work offers. Network and make connections wherever you go so that you are the first to hear about opportunities that arise and make it clear that you’re looking for recommendations and suggestions so that people are more likely to mention your name when discussion of a locum role comes up.

Make sure your compliance is up to date

This refers back to the first point but is more important than just attracting interest in you as a locum – if you haven’t kept up to date with your compliance then, even if you find plenty of roles that you want, your application won’t be complete and this will cause delays.

Locum for a private hospital and the NHS

If you broaden the spread of roles that you’re willing to do then you’re much more likely to get what you want. Plus working across these two environments will give you a much wider perspective.

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